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Fidelity Life Insurance to Cover a Mortgage

If your family is like most other families, your home is your largest asset. As such, you probably want to provide protection for your family in case something happens to you. mortgage protection life insurance is one affordable solution. These policies pay cash benefits, and you can choose 30 or 20 year term insurance to closely match the amount of time that you still need to make payments on your mortgage. Let us help you find the best term life insurance plans and quotes with our free online quote system. Simply enter your home's ZIP code to compare multiple plans and prices. You can even find term life insurance with no exam that is very quick and simply to apply for online or over the phone.

Fidelity Life Insurance Company

One of the term life companies that older applicants might want to investigate is Fidelity Life Insurance because they offer competitively priced whole and term life insurance for people from age 50 to 85. These are some other things to know about this company:
  • Fidelity has been in business since 1896.
  • The company is distinctive for offering affordable term life insurance with no exam required.
  • Consumers may choose between decreasing and level term insurance. Policies with a level term provide the same death benefit in every year the policy stays in force, but decreasing term policies might be slightly cheaper.
Should you choose decreasing or level term insurance? It might make sense to spend less for a policy with a death benefit that declines as your mortgage balance decreases. On the the hand, few families every regret having extra cash proceeds from a life insurance policy in case the main income earner passes away. A quick comparison of the price difference between the two options might help you make up your mind.

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When people shop for coverage, they find that different companies do offer different prices for the same benefits. We make it easy to compare term life companies with our free online quote system. Enter your location and see a list of competitive companies in your local area. If you need more help or have questions, you are also free to call us. We hope to provide the right tools and assistance to help as many people as possible shop for the right life insurance.