Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

If you want to buy mortgage life insurance or any other type of term life insurance policy, you may hesitate because you wonder if it is difficult to buy life insurance with pre-existing conditions. Even though only very healthy people with very good health habits may qualify for the lowest premiums, it is very possible to find coverage with some types of medical conditions though it might cost a little more than it would for people with very healthy lifestyles and no health issues. We can help you compare life insurance policies and companies with our free online life insurance quotes. Just enter your basic info to start searching for affordable life insurance with pre-existing conditions in your local area. If you need more information or want help enrolling, we welcome your phone calls too.

Facts About Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

People who have pre-existing health conditions or unhealthy habits may still be able to purchase life insurance. In fact, since they are unlikely to qualify for the very cheapest life insurance rates, there might not be any benefit to submitting to a life insurance physical. Insurers tend to consider these things when they decide how much to charge:

  • The age, health, and location of the applicant.
  • Health history, medications, onset time etc.
  • The type and amount of life insurance policy.

Life insurers only tend to give their very best rates to people who are healthy, have good health habits, and submit to a physical. The physical allows life insurance underwriters to find out as much information as possible, and it reduces their risk. However, many good insurers also offer no exam life insurance policies that only require answers to health questions on an application. They just charge slightly more for these in order to make sure they cover their risks.

Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions – Locating Coverage

It might be fine for somebody who wants life insurance with high blood pressure and cholesterol or other health conditions to just accept a standard rate and skip the physical. If you already know that you are not going to qualify for the cheapest rates, you might not benefit from having a physical simply to confirm this. Of course, you still have to honestly answer health questions on an application. Insurers may not decline people with mild health conditions or poor health choices, and they may not even give them substandard rates. But they tend to look at an entire application and a combination of factors. For example, it might be very possible to find affordable life insurance with pre-existing conditions, but the combination of both of these things could drive up rates or even get an application declined. Older people may also be considered riskier to insure. People over 50 can still find term life policies, but they may need to accept 10 or 20-year term life instead of 30-year policies. As people get older, they may find that it is easy to buy whole life instead of term.

Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions – Online Quotes

If you need to search for life insurance quotes with a pre-existing condition or that are overweight, have medical issues, or even have some poor health habits, we can still help you find the cheapest life insurance policies with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies are not all alike, and some are friendlier to people with certain health conditions or health habits. That’s why we provide tools to help people shop for the most affordable policies from highly rated insurers. Start by entering your info into our term life insurance quote system. After you have viewed a variety of companies who want to do business with you, you can always call for more information and assistance. We work hard to get each of our clients the right coverage at an affordable price.